Rock Paper Scissors Lizard Spock

More Complicated and Less Fun.

First off we would like to say that we do not authorize the use of Lizard or Spock in any WRPSA tournament play.

This offset of RPS became famous from the TV show The Big Bang Theory. Sheldon introduced it to the world effortlessly, but just adding those two gestures creates layers of complexity. We here are at the World Rock Paper Scissors Association Suggest sticking to simple RPS, but if you must, read on.

On the Big Bang Theory this game was first introduced when the TV Shows characters, Sheldon and Raj, were trying to decide what to watch on TV, there was a dispute and Rock Paper Scissors Lizard Spock was used to come to a conclusion. The game is mentioned again when Sheldon explains the rules of the game to other two characters, Penny and Barry.

This game was actually created by Sam Kass, along with Karen Bryla. Kass revealed that the producers did not seek prior formal permission to use the game in the show. Although Sheldon gives credit to Kass by mentioning him as the creator, on the show.

What is Rock Paper Scissors Lizard Spock? 

RPSLS is just like RPS, each player has to choose any one variable, Rock Paper Scissors Lizard or Spock, without disclosing it to others. The players then  reveals their choice on the 4th prime, One Two Three Shoot. During the priming phase the players will use their arms to regulate speed in order to form a more accurate competition. Players often use a rock gesture during the priming phase of the competition, but any gesture is permitted as long as they are not obscene. If there is a tie on a throw players simply replay the point. After one player wins on three throws out of five they are the winner.

What are the rules of this game?

Scissors cuts Paper

Paper covers Rock

Rock crushes Lizard

Lizard poisons Spock

Spock smashes Scissors

Scissors decapitates Lizard

Lizard eats Paper

Paper disproves Spock

Spock vaporizes Rock

Rock crushes Scissors






But with the changes in the game come problems, with the new characters there becomes bias. Loyalists to RPS, and Loyalists to Spock.

We want to know if you prefer the traditional game of Rock Paper Scissors or like the more complex game of Rock Paper Scissors Lizard Spock?

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