Who doesn’t want to be the European Rock Paper Scissors Champion! Enter the European Rock Paper Scissors Championship and maybe you will be able to win your way to eternal bragging rights. We will keep you updated with information on when you can compete in an RPS Tournament and become the best Rock Paper Scissors player in Europe.

The 2019 European Rock Paper Scissors Championship
will be held in Stockholm Sweden on September 21, 2019!

This years event will be held at O´Learys Twelve, one of Europe’s largest Sports Bars, there will be 128 participants in a single elimination tournament. It will be a best of 3 format, all gestures are played on the 4th prime, regular tournament rules apply. Aside from being able to be the Greatest Player in all of Europe, the winner will receive 1000 Euro! There will be 9 qualifiers in Sweden before the final so stay tuned.