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The WRPSA is a Rock Paper Scissors Society that was created to help further promote and encourage the use/gameplay across the globe. We are game fanatics ourselves and it is for this reason that we focus on bringing the very best of RPS gaming basics, news and information. We consider Rock Paper Scissors to be a game anyone can play and anyone can win, some can just win more often. We encourage the use of Rock Paper Scissors to see who pays for the next round of drinks, for the first spot in line or any of the other conflicts that can arise in everyday life.

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Make Rock Paper Scissors Great Again!

Rock Paper Scissors Association

At the World Rock Paper Scissors Association. We are devoted to the promotion and gameplay of the simpliest and greatest sport in the World.

  • Rock Paper Scissors World Championship Tournaments

  • Members across the Globe

We intend on making sure Rock Paper Scissors continues to remain one of the Greatest Sports in the World.